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Updated24 Jan 2013

This site provides information for holidaymakers and property owners in central Brittany, France, around the Blavet Valley in Morbihan. The area is popular with British property owners and holidaymakers who enjoy the variety of the landscape combining beautiful countryside with the excellent beaches of Southern Brittany.

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The river Blavet near Quistinic ©Blavet.co.uk

For those unfamiliar with the area this may help to convince you of the opportunities afforded by being based here within reach of many of Brittany's attractions. Morbihan as the Southern most department of Brittany offers the region's best summer holiday weather and sea temperatures (see climate). For today's Morbihan weather forecast click here. For information on travel to Brittany click here.

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Note 1:  Morbihan Flag (above controls) by Raphaël Vinet: courtesy of FOTW Flags Of The World website at http://flagspot.net/flags.  The flag of the province is based on the municipal flag of Vannes (Gwened in Breton) and on the arms of the County of Broërec (1481) - the predecessor of Morbihan. The ten ermine spots represent the ten subdivisions of the province.




Statistics courtesy of Meteo France

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The Blavet Valley has occasional seismic events. The most recent significant event  being in September 2002 when an earth tremor was recorded to the West of Baud registering 5.5 on the Richter scale with an after shock of 4.1. This caused some minor structural damage. Local people described the event as being like a train passing. This was the largest tremor in Western France in the last 25 years and the largest recorded in France in 2002. The French Seismological Bureau website provides details of seismic activity.

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Blavet Valley, Morbihan, Brittany, France