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The Fortress of Largoët 

known also as "The Towers of Elven"

Note: may not now be open to the public

Situated near the town of Elven north east of Vannes, the Fortress of Largoët dates from the early 15 Century. While the curtain walls are largely ruined the towers and gatehouse remain largely intact.

The Fortress is set in woodland and is approached along a track (approximately a mile) from the entrance lodge.

It is an interesting example of medieval military architecture and boasts the tallest Keep in France. The Keep tower stands 57 metres high from the base of the old moat (now dry) 

The gatehouse and Keep


The second tower

and was built upward until it afforded a view of the Gulf of Morbihan to the south. The gatehouse is of the more sophisticated type with separate carriage and foot bridges.

The other point of interest is that the future King Henry VII of England was imprisoned here in the Keep for 18 months in 1474-1475.


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View from the Keep




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The Keep from beyond the moat

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