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St Nicodeme and St Nicolas des Eaux, Plumeliau, Morbihan

The church of St Nicodeme


South of Pontivy at Plumeliau, turning west towards St Nicolas des Eaux, one passes the impressive church of St Nicodeme. Situated in a small hamlet set in a fold in the landscape, the elegant church spire rises apparently in isolation in the middle of the wheat or maize fields. The road continues on down to the river at St Nicolas. At the beginning of the 20th Century, St Nicolas was an important trading port linked by barge via Lorient to Wales. Trade was principally the import of foodstuffs, coal and fertiliser and the export of pit props. The village is set on the east side of the river facing the escarpment (or bluff) of Castenac, round which the Blavet turns back on itself in a horseshoe bend.

The springs (fountains) at St Nicodeme

The quayside and lock at St Nicolas on the Blavet


View of St Nicolas from Castenac

View of the Blavet river from Castenac

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