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The Castle of Suscinio, Sarzeau, Morbihan, France

Suscinio is located on the southern side of the Gulf of Morbihan on the Rhuys peninsula. The Castle has been been restored in recent years following its acquisition by the Department of Morbihan in 1965.

The castle currently houses art exhibitions and an exhibit on the restoration. Its main attraction is its fine architecture and moat. One floor is given over to a display of highly decorative tiled floors removed from the site of a chapel adjacent to the castle.


The entrance lodging including the Great Hall


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The New Tower and casemate

The earliest record of the castle dates back to 1218 but its main development was in the 14 century. From the 13th to 15th century the castle was one of the favourite residences of the Dukes of Brittany.

The castle occupies a good defensive position surrounded by water - sea and marshland - but its main use seems to have been as a base for hunting in the Rhuys forest.

An architectural feature of interest is the artillery casemate at the base of the New Tower. Dating from the 1470's, the casemate, with 5 metre thick walls, has four gunholes providing an arc of fire at ground level over the moat.







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